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Specializing in Real Estate Law, Estate Planning, Business Law and Debtor/Creditor Law


If you have received a communication from this office regarding a debt and you wish to dispute the debt, please complete the form below.  Once we receive your notice of dispute we will stop collection until we send you that information.

How do you want us to communicate with you?

If you chose Mail, please provide your mailing address

By providing your email address you authorize us to communicate with you regarding this account via email.  At any point you want to no longer receive communication from this office via email, you can email or reply to our office “STOP” and we will discontinue all email communication.

If you chose Other, please describe how you want us to communicate with you.

How do you wish to dispute this debt?

Verify you are a proper party to receive this information." to "You must verify you are the proper party to receive this information before we can complete your request.  Please provide the information below so we can verify you are the property party.

STEPHEN W GOOCH PC is a debt collector. Any information we obtain will be used for that purpose.

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If you chose Email, please provide your email address

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