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Specializing in Real Estate Law, Estate Planning, Business Law and Debtor/Creditor Law

Every adult needs an estate plan, regardless of age, income, or health. It is for your benefit as well as for your loved ones. A complete estate plan gives you control over your assets, property, your health care during life and after death.

There is no “one document fits all” approach in estate planning. This is why preprinted forms and online resources fail to accomplish the actual goals of estate planning clients. We work with each client to create a specialized, individual plan to accomplish their actual goals. We don’t force our clients into predefined options, we create options based on our clients’ actual goals and desires.


An estate plan could include a combination of the following documents:


  • Last Will and Testament

  • Living Will

  • Advance Medical Directive

  • Power of Attorney

  • Buy-Sell Agreement

  • Trust

  • Deed


Other aspects of an estate plan include life insurance policies, long term care policies, planning for retirement and providing for minor children.


Our experienced staff is able to help develop a plan that works for you.


Estate Administration refers to the probate process of filing the Last Will and Testament and carrying out the bequests of the Will. In the case of an intestate estate (one who dies without a Will) the process is similar, but the disposition of assets is controlled by statute instead of a Will. This process requires strict technical compliance and has very strict deadlines. Failure to properly administer an estate could result in personal liability to the administrator/executor/personal representative of the estate.


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