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Model of a home beside a gavel to represent Real Estate Law.


Specializing in Real Estate Law, Estate Planning, Business Law and Debtor/Creditor Law

We are a full-service real estate law firm. Many firms will write you a deed, some will perform a closing, but few understand the complex nature of property law. When it comes to your money and your property, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best.


Residential and Commercial Closings


We are experienced in handling all aspects of property transactions from contract to closing. We are the best at getting closings done.


Title and Deed Issues

Issues with deeds and title, often referred to as “clouds on title,” will quickly stall or kill a real estate transaction. Our experience enables us to identify issues quickly and resolve them to ensure your transaction is a success.


Resolving Disputes


Our litigation staff is skilled at resolving property disputes, including boundary line issues, heirship, eviction and title claims.



Foreclosures are complex procedures, and the law is quite specific as to process and timeframes. Our experience in real estate allows us to provide you with experienced legal counsel to best represent your interests and help you achieve your goal of completing the foreclosure process efficiently.


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